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3 Tapping Meditations for Feeling Calm, Relaxed and at Peace

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This is the 3rd video I promised you in my post “FREE Tapping Videos and 11th Annual Tapping World Summit“.

This is a really powerful free resource for you, which I highly recommend you not only access immediately, but also download so that you can use it anytime you need it.

It’s actually not just one resource… but three! The resources are all Tapping Meditations.

If you’ve never heard of a Tapping Meditation, it’s a powerful process that combines traditional meditation with Tapping, a technique which has been scientifically proven to send calming signals to the amygdala in the brain.

In these meditations you’ll get to follow along as New York Times best-selling author Jessica Ortner guides you through three calming and empowering processes.

You can listen and download just one or all three! The Tapping Meditations that you can access immediately are:

1 – Releasing Stress and Overwhelm
(Something that we can all use on a daily basis!)

2 – Moving from Anger to Peace
(An often misunderstood emotion that so many deal with!)

3 – Releasing Anxiety and Worry
(Anxiety is a much bigger challenge than people realize!)

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Tapping World Summit

What’s incredible about Tapping Meditations is that they not only help you to feel calm and balanced, they also help you to release deep core issues that you may be dealing with.

Enjoy these meditations. I know they can be a great resource for you. 🙂

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P.S. – These meditations, along with two other videos, are being released as part of the lead up to an amazing event known as the Tapping World Summit.

This year’s summit, which is the 11th annual event and starts on February 25th, takes you through 10 days of free presentations (2 per day) where you get to learn from the world’s leading Tapping experts on a variety of topics. Over 2 million people have attended this event over the past 10 years! I can’t recommend this event enough, as it is 100% content and very life-changing.

But, until the event starts, make sure to access the meditations by registering above.

P.P.S. You can read more about my personal experience with tapping in my blog post “What is EFT Tapping About? Joy to Feel Better” and find more resources about tapping in my review “What is EFT Tapping About? Try it Out! Review“.

Go here, if you are interested in Health topics and would like to see today’s video about EFT/Tapping and Health.

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