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What Is EFT Tapping About? Try It Out! Review

Dear reader,

This review is a follow up from my previous post “What Is EFT Tapping About? Joy to Feel Better” where I address my personal experience with EFT Tapping and explain very shortly what EFT Tapping is about and how it works.

In this review, you will find links to other websites that offer further information and training about EFT Tapping.  

Please feel free to ask your questions and share your personal experience and views in the comment area below. Thank you! 🙂 

What is EFT About?

In my previous post “What Is EFT Tapping About? Joy to Feel Better“, I explained that EFT stands for emotional freedom techniques

Usually, people say EFT or Tapping, not both… to be honest, I am using both words together in this article so you could find it more easily when you were doing your research in search engines. 

I personally understand EFT tapping as a way to balance our energy in relation with something that happens in our life that we would rather not happen, whether it is an emotion such as fear, anger, sadness, or something very visible such as a traffic jam (yes! I have eased traffic jams, under the surprised eyes of my husband and son.) or anything in between such as a body ache. 

More concretely, studies show that EFT Tapping has a direct effect on stimulating the parasympathetic system and calming the amygdala (the fight/flight/freeze response center). Or in other words, it reduces the stress we feel in a particular situation, “deactivating” the fight, flight or freeze reaction. 

For my explanation of how to tap and examples of my personal experience with it, please refer to my previous post “What Is EFT Tapping About? Joy to Feel Better“.

Margaret M. Lynch

Margaret is an EFT expert, author of the book Tapping Into Wealth and accomplished coach and coach mentor. The Wall Street Journal calls her “The Wealth Manifestation Authority”!

You can access some of her free Tapping into Wealth training here:


Margaret offers other interesting products and services so her home page is also worth visiting:


EFT Universe

You can access a free 60-page EFT mini-manual from EFT Universe here


• The EFT Universe community was founded in 2010 by Dawson Church, PhD, author of the best selling and award winning science book The Genie in Your Genes.

• EFT Universe is one of the most-visited alternative health sites on the web, with about 150,000 unique visitors each month, and some 200,000 newsletter subscribers.

•  EFT Universe trainings have been accredited for Continuing Medical Education (CME/CE) credit for all the major healing professions, including doctors (American Medical Association), nurses (American Nurses Credentialing Commission), psychologists (APA) and social workers (NASWB).

Tap with Brad

Click here to visit Brad Yate’s website.


Brad offers a few specialised EFT tapping programs that are very affordable. Here are a few below:

Brad Yates is known internationally for his creative and often humorous use of Tapping/EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Brad is the author of the best-selling children’s book “The Wizard’s Wish“, the co-author of the best-seller “Freedom at Your Fingertips“, and a featured expert in the film “The Tapping Solution.” 

He has also been a presenter at a number of events, including Jack Canfield’s Breakthrough to Success, has done teleseminars with “The Secret‘ stars Bob Doyle and Dr. Joe Vitale, and has been heard internationally on a number of internet radio talk shows.

EFT Tapping Training Institute

With Alina Frank and Craig Weiner. The EFT Tapping Training Institute offers live training internationally, online courses, business coaching, private sessions and mentoring for certification. 

What is EFT Tapping About

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What Now?

Visit the websites in this review and see which ones resonate with you. This is most likely going to be one of the best time investment you can make to learn a simple technique that can help you in all sorts of situations.

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And tell me in the comment section below: Are you going to try any of this? Have you already tried some?

To our Joy and Happiness,


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8 thoughts on “What Is EFT Tapping About? Try It Out! Review”

  1. I haven’t heard of EFT before, but will definitely be looking into it in some depth after reading your post. Particularly interested in tapping into my creativity and procrastination/motivation. These are areas that can hold me back at times, so if EFT helps, then fantastic.

    You have put a great selection of links together, so thanks for that, I have bookmarked your page.

    1. Thanks a lot for leaving your comment here, David. And also for your kind words of appreciation. 

      Wow! Yes! If you are interested in ways to help with your procrastination/motivation, you should DEFINITELY sign up for the free video series from Margaret Lynch about assessing and overcoming inner resistance! 

      Video 2 has a good “Gift of Clarity Process” activity that’s very simple and yet very powerful! You can sign up here: https://nathalieu.com/now2/

      Let me know how it goes, ok?

      All the best,


  2. Sujandar Mahesan

    I have heard about Emotional Finger Techniques before but never really researched about it. This article had everything I needed to know about Emotional Finger Techniques. It is just s amazing how things can be cured using our own fingers.Do you know who is the founder of this?

    Looking forward to your response. Thank you for sharing this article.

    1. Thanks a lot for taking the time to leave a comment here, Sujandar.

      Yes! I agree! It’s amazing what we can do with our own fingers! Gary Craig started EFT. You can read more about it here on wikipedia.

      Are you going to try it out?

      All the best,


  3. Hey Nathalie,

    Honestly, l never heard of EFT Tapping before. l don’t know it has such a great effect in reducing the stress in a particular situation that we react. 

    FYI, l have a heavy smoker and had tried several methods to quit smoking but to no avail. l’ll enroll for the eTapping –  Smoking Craving program conducted by Brad after this.

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information about EFT Tapping that able to helps our health condition.

    l have subscribed to your newsletter and would refer to my family, friends for more information about EFT Tapping.

    Best regards

    1. Hello Shui Hyen,

      Thanks a lot for taking the time to leave your comment here.

      Yes! Try Brad’s eCourse to help you quit smoking! That’s a great idea! Do let me know how it went afterwards, ok? I would love to hear back from you after your experience.

      Glad to know that you signed up for my newsletter and that you are going to tell your family and friends about my blog post on EFT Tapping. I hope they enjoy it too!

      Best regards,


  4. A very interesting technique for relieving stress and balancing our energy in relation to something that happens in day to day life. 

    The one thing I am confused about is the actual ‘tapping’ side of things – have I missed something? From the diagram at the top of your article, it would seem the tapping comes from some kind of pressure points? Would I be right in thinking so?

    1. Hello Chris,

      Thanks a lot for taking the time to leave a comment here.

      This is “just” a review of quality resources that are available on the internet about EFT Tapping.

      I give more information about how it works in my previous post on the subject “https://nathalieu.com/what-is-…“. Check out the “How does EFT Tapping Work” section on that said post. It has more information and a short video that shows how to do it. 🙂

      In essence, yes, we tap on pressure points. The Chinese already got it right thousands of years ago. Tapping did not reinvent the wheel… it’s “just” much easier to tap than to use needles… and you can do this to yourself immediately with no risks… 🙂

      All the best,


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